Product Brief - Model C2405B Omniterm TWA AC rms V/I IP Two Wire Tx

Omniterm TWA AC rms V/I IP Two Wire Tx

picarrow Measure True ac rms Current or Voltage
arrow Powered from 4-20mA loop
arrow Input Isolation to 1500Vac
arrow Wide Operating Loop Voltage (10-36V)
arrow Configurable by the User in three minutes

This DIN rail mount programmable two-wire transmitter is designed for most ac measurement needs in a single off-the-shelf product, using state-of-the-art digital measurement and filtering techniques, combined with extreme user-friendliness.


Use the Omniterm TWA to monitor ac current loads or ac voltage supplies.This DIN rail mount instrument is powered from the output current loop, and converts the ac rms signal input type and range of your choice to 4-20mA.

The Omniterm TWA ACrms Two-Wire Transmitter is designed for the widest range of signal conditioning applications in a single off-the-shelf product. Configuration to any ac input range from 0-5A or 0-300Vac rms can be done in minutes without the need any any special test equipment other than a personal computer.

Full isolation (input to output) to 1500Vac ensures trouble-free accurate measurement.

This product provides extremely low life-cycle costs by reducing spares stock-holding requirements, and reducing specialist technical expertise required for field support, module replacement and field configuration. This new holistic approach to instrumentation asset management ensures reliable performance and minimal down-time.


Using advanced sigma-Delta A/D technology combined with sophisticated digital filtering techniques, the TWT offers 16 bit measurement resolution with increased dynamic range, tailored for noisy plant environments, in a “surprisingly cost effective package”.


Omniset, the powerful but intuitive configuration software ensures the maximum instrument flexibility with reliable configuration management to ensure all instruments on the plant are always correctly configured to the design requirements specification.

Calibration can also be checked while units are installed, without touching the wiring.


This product has been designed with high reliability applications in mind. The output stage has a unique built in overload indicator to detect overloaded output circuits - whether from a wire break or just excess resistance in the line.



The Omniterm TWA is part of the latest Omniterm range of signal conditioning modules.
See the full Omniterm range here




Contact Omniflex, and try one. You will never see signal conditioning the same again.

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