RTU Provides Monitoring and Control via SMS

The Teleterm 'Silent Sentry' SMS alarm monitor from Omniflex is an off the shelf, state-of-the-art Alarm Monitor capable of monitoring and controlling a wide range of input types and sending SMS Alarm messages upon detection of an alarm condition.

The latest enhancements made to the Silent Sentry now provide the ability to query the I/O values and Control outputs and settings by sending SMS messages from mobile devices. The Silent Sentry is equipped with 12 direct Analogue or digital Inputs or outputs and a separate Modbus port, allowing alarms from a variety of sources to be monitored and controlled. The new "On Demand" message feature allows you to send SMS messages from a mobile device to the silent sentry to read any of the Digital input/output Status and Analogue/counter Input/output values. This feature also allows messages to be sent to switch on/off the Digital Outputs e.g for controlling fans, pumps etc, and write values to the Analogue Outputs e.g for speed and temperature control etc. On detection of an incoming alarm condition to the silent Sentry, it can send up to 64 different messages and can be configured to dial out to up to 10 message recipients (10 mobile phone numbers), each in one of three escalating priority groups. This allows messages to be sent to a selected group of recipients, and if not acknowledged within a set time, then sent to the next group of recipients, and so forth until acknowledged. Alarm Messages received can be acknowledged by sending an SMS to the Silent Sentry with the message "Yes" or "Ack". The addition of a daily update message capability confirms that the Silent Sentry is still operating normally, even when no alarms are occurring. Typical Applications for the Silent Sentry include: � Remote Site Monitoring from anywhere to anywhere � Building Management Systems , monitoring all aspects of the building � Environmental and effluent Monitoring � Sub-station monitoring � Facilities Management � Utilities Monitoring for energy efficiency � Remote Bore-hole Monitoring � Intrusion Alarms � Production Downtime Minimisation � First Aid Alarm Warning system � Rail Trackside alarm Monitoring of switchgear and signals � Simple interfacing to Alarm Annunciators via Modbus and repeat outputs � Radiation Protection system alarm monitoring � Almost any remote monitoring and control applications. The Silent Sentry is easily configurable using the free Omniset configuration software and comes complete with an antenna. Simply install any GSM mobile phone SIM card (contract or Pay-as-you-go) and be in control of your plant, alarms, assets, etc wherever you are.

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