Product Brief - Model C2198A-1 Powerterm L50C PSU&Chrgr AC,12V5A

Powerterm L50C PSU&Chrgr AC,12V5A

picarrow Under-voltage cut-out to protect battery from deep discharge
arrow 8A peak load capability
arrow AC-detect output for mains monitoring
arrow Ambient Temperature compensation for optimum battery float voltage
arrow Universal 85-264Vac mains supply
arrow DIN Rail mounting with small panel footprint
arrow Mains Safe connector allows easy maintenance swaps

Powerterm L50C 85-264Vac. 12Vdc 5A Load Battery Backed instrument power supply/charger. DIN Rail mount

The L50C is a combined Power Supply and Battery Charger for small uninterruptible instrument supply applications where 24Volts or 12Volts Options are required.

  • C2198A-1 for 12V Application
  • C2198A-2 for 24V Application

Applications include RTUs, dataloggers, remote field instruments and alarm systems where the requirement exists to power 12Volt or 24Volt instruments.

This DIN rail mounted product is ideal for providing 24Vdc or 12Vdc power to instrument systems.


During prolonged power outages, the back-up batteries will eventually discharge. If the load remains connected, the batteries can enter their "deep" discharge phase, which can cause irreparable damage to the batteries, and reduce their capacity and life expectancy.

The PTL50C incorporates a low voltage cut-out that disconnects the loads when battery voltage falls below its low voltage threshold.

The maximum float voltage necessary to ensure full charge, but not overcharge, is temperature dependent for lead-acid batteries. If the installation is in an environment with widely fluctuating temperature, then fixed voltage chargers will either under-charge or over-charge the batteries.

The PTL50C is provided with temperature compensation so that the float voltage to the batteries is held at its optimum value at all times.


Battery can be kept on continuous charge as long as the charging current and float voltage are kept below their specified maximum values. The maximum charging current for a battery is based upon the Ampere-hour capacity of the battery. Many conventional switch mode power supplies do not control their maximum delivered current and can cause batteries to be charged from flat with current levels that exceed the manufacturer's recommendation. The PTL50C-D provides dual-mode charging, with a well defined current limit in boost mode, so that even when the batteries are discharged, the charging current will be controlled.


The PTL50C also provides an AC OK output. This output can be used to detect power failures without the need for an additional mains detection relay.

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