Product Brief - Model C1190B Omni2 DWS

Omni2 Door Warning Sign

picarrow One/Two Channel Alarm
arrow Connects to Multiple Sensing Instruments
arrow IEC61508 SIL2 Safety Rating
arrow Environmental Protection to IP65
arrow Built in Battery Backup
arrow Fully Redundant Dual Alarm Logic
arrow Bright Solid LED Display
arrow Audible Alert (Internal and External)
arrow Reset/Test/Mute Key Switch
arrow Repeat Outputs
arrow Instrument Failure Output
arrow RoHS Compliance to 2011/65/EU (RoHS2)

The Omni2 Door Warning Sign is a compact wall mounted visual alarm indicator designed for the Nuclear Industry for radiation and airborne contaminant hazard warning with IEC61508 SIL 2 Safety Rating.

The Omni2 alarm annunciator is a compact wall mounted visual alarm indicator designed for radiation and airborne contaminant hazard warning. The Omni2 is used to safeguard against personnel inadvertently entering plant areas where abnormal radiological conditions are present.

Typical Application
Position the Omni2 on the wall adjacent to the entrance to an environmentally segregated area. Connect the Omni2 to the area monitors, and if airborne contamination or high radiation conditions are present in the area, a large bright flashing visual warning of the nature of the hazard is displayed, to deter entry to the area.

High Reliability Design
The Omni2 features full dual redundant design for each of the two alarms, solid state logic and visual display, providing a highly reliable alarm system, meeting or exceeding the functional safety requirements of these critical applications.

The Omni2 is designed to meet the requirements of SIL2 safety systems as defined in IEC61508.

Further Literature 
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