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Manually Update Omniset/Omniset Pro Template Library

This article describes how to manually update the template file library for Omniset or Omniset Pro when you are unable to update automatically over the internet.

1. Exit Omniset software if you are currently running Omniset.

2. Locate your template file library. It is a folder called Templates in your installation directory.

Your template file library is typically located in one of the following locations

C:\Omniflex\Omniset PRO
C:\Program Files (x86)\Omniflex\Omniset PRO
C:\Program Files (x86)\Omniflex\Omniset
C:\Program Files\Omniflex\Omniset PRO
C:\Program Files\Omniflex\Omniset

If you cannot find your template file library and it is not in one of the typical locations, use Windows to search for a folder called "Templates Backup". It should be in the same directory as a folder called "Templates" and with other Omniset files.

3. Backup your old templates and prepare the directory for the new library.

Simply delete the old "Templates Backup" folder and then rename the "Templates" folder to "Templates Backup".

Your current templates are now backed up and the directory is ready for the new templates.

4. Download the latest template file library from http://www.omniflex.com/templates/templates.zip

Simply click the link above and select a location to save the file, if prompted. (If not prompted, it will be saved to your default downloads location.)

5. Extract the library files from the "templates.zip" file to your template file library folder location found in Step 2.

To do this, copy the "templates.zip" file to the template file folder located in Step 2. Then right click on the "templates.zip" file and select "Extract All..." from the contect menu and then press the extract button in the pop-up window. Once the extraction is complete, you can delete the "templates.zip" file.

Your template library will contain the latest template files.