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Whitepaper discloses details of key nuclear projects

Radiological Monitoring System

The nuclear industry is unique. Arguably, no industry is more regulated and there isn’t another sector where mission-critical safety systems matter more.
Remote monitoring specialist Omniflex has launched its nuclear safety whitepaper, discussing how to improve on-site safety by networking radiological monitors and updating alarm systems to SIL-standards. The whitepaper can be downloaded, free of charge from our website.
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Teleterm M3 RTU now includes Satellite Communications

The Teleterm M3 RTU now boasts a satellite communications option to the Omniflex Web based Data2Desktop Datacentre. GSM communication although ubiquitous has its limits in global reach and isolated geographical regions. The benefit of Satellite communications is that it bridges those gaps adequately and with cost benefit ratios reducing all the time, satellite communications becomes a good option for remote monitoring.
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Continuous Water Quality Monitoring for a large mining operation

Water quality as part of Environmental responsibility are a key element to triple bottom line reporting with water licensee operators needing to provide data for licensing authorities and compliance data for reporting. Omniflex has tackled the challenges for this type of remote monitoring application head on and has dealt with a number of key issues:
• Remote un-protected and un manned sites
• Solar Powered
• Vandal Proofing
• Automated operation
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Omniflex launches online Customer Help Desk Ticket System

In today's fast changing world of electronics, it’s all too common for the consumer to see new products become obsolete within months of purchase. We know that in industrial plants this can cause havoc. Omniflex products have been supplied to the process control industry worldwide for over 50 years and we continue to support all of these products regardless of their age for as long as they are operational in your plant even including products under the old Conlog brand!

In line with this commitment, Omniflex has launched an online Help Desk Ticketing System which can be accessed at or located under "Technical Helpdesk" under the "Support" menu of the Omniflex website.

This now provides a more convenient method for our customers to obtain support for any of our products no matter when they were purchased!

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Need 'Rate of Change' relay alarms with retransmit?

Never has a single off-the-shelf device incorporating so many features been available before now. Features such as Universal Input, 16-point linearisation, two "rate of change" or alarm trips, with retransmit output in mA, V or pulse are now available on the revolutionary Omniterm TTT Trip Amplifier. Continue reading "Need 'Rate of Change' relay alarms with retransmit?"

Remote Stop-Start Control RTU

The Teleterm M3R Stop - Start Control system from Omniflex is the complete off-the-shelf wireless stop-start control solution designed for applications such as
• Remote Pump Control
• Reservoir Level Control
• Pump Station Monitoring & Control
• Flow Meter Monitoring
• Dosing Plant Applications
• Irrigation Pump Control
• Water Treatment Systems Continue reading "Remote Stop-Start Control RTU"

Control Corrosion with Omniflex's Cathodic Protection Solution

With Omniflex's years of experience in the field of Remote Monitoring and Control in the harshest of environments, we have applied this technology to provide a cost effective and reliable solution in the field of Cathodic Protection (CP) Systems. Omniflex has successfully installed various CP systems internationally and the web-based Data2Desktop monitoring solution ensures simple operation from anywhere in the world! Continue reading "Control Corrosion with Omniflex's Cathodic Protection Solution"