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Whitepaper discloses details of key nuclear projects

Radiological Monitoring System

The nuclear industry is unique. Arguably, no industry is more regulated and there isn’t another sector where mission-critical safety systems matter more.
Remote monitoring specialist Omniflex has launched its nuclear safety whitepaper, discussing how to improve on-site safety by networking radiological monitors and updating alarm systems to SIL-standards. The whitepaper can be downloaded, free of charge from our website.
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Welcome to the Omniflex Blog

We are excited to launch our new blog on our website.
One of the values of the company is our close relationship with our customers, and by this blog we hope to be able to improve the dialogue with our customers by sharing some of our thoughts and progress in continuing the mission of enhancing remote monitoring technology for everyone , and of course, getting your invaluable feedback. Continue reading "Welcome to the Omniflex Blog"