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Why are Rate of Change Alarms used?

Rate of change alarms are used to predict an event that is abnormal behaviour for a system or process. The objective being in order to take preventative action in order to avoid system or process failure or damage. If a process value suddenly increases at a rate beyond the normal, then it indicates something unusual has changed in the system or process. This is different to an absolute (low or high) alarm.

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One Click is All It Takes to Complete Siemens PLC Tag Mapping with Easyview

One Click

Mapping PLC addresses to HMI addresses when importing PLC Tag Table and Program Blocks is a familiar problem that HMI project designers often encounter.

EasyBuilder Pro in conjunction with EasyView HMIs not only supports S7-1200/1500 user-defined types (UDT), Default Data Structures, and PLC Tags but it is also possible to import tags by importing PLC project created by TIA Portal into EasyBuilder Pro project in “One Click”.

All the PLC Tags and Program Blocks in the PLC project can be used in EasyBuilder Pro, which greatly improves project development efficiency.
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Teleterm M3 RTU now includes Satellite Communications

The Teleterm M3 RTU now boasts a satellite communications option to the Omniflex Web based Data2Desktop Datacentre. GSM communication although ubiquitous has its limits in global reach and isolated geographical regions. The benefit of Satellite communications is that it bridges those gaps adequately and with cost benefit ratios reducing all the time, satellite communications becomes a good option for remote monitoring.
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EasyBuilder Pro Offers More Versatile, Professional and Useful Picture Library

EBPro Upgrade

EasyBuilder Pro and our HMIs work seamlessly together to deliver a seamless user experience. Build, simulate and download.
These HMIs have been developed to provide an easy way to design a stylish and professional operational display.
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Continuous Water Quality Monitoring for a large mining operation

Water quality as part of Environmental responsibility are a key element to triple bottom line reporting with water licensee operators needing to provide data for licensing authorities and compliance data for reporting. Omniflex has tackled the challenges for this type of remote monitoring application head on and has dealt with a number of key issues:
• Remote un-protected and un manned sites
• Solar Powered
• Vandal Proofing
• Automated operation
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