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One Click is All It Takes to Complete Siemens PLC Tag Mapping with Easyview

One Click

Mapping PLC addresses to HMI addresses when importing PLC Tag Table and Program Blocks is a familiar problem that HMI project designers often encounter.

EasyBuilder Pro in conjunction with EasyView HMIs not only supports S7-1200/1500 user-defined types (UDT), Default Data Structures, and PLC Tags but it is also possible to import tags by importing PLC project created by TIA Portal into EasyBuilder Pro project in “One Click”.

All the PLC Tags and Program Blocks in the PLC project can be used in EasyBuilder Pro, which greatly improves project development efficiency.

One Click to Import PLC Project and immediately obtain PLC Tag Table and Program Block

TIA Portal PLC project can be imported to EasyBuilder Pro project simply by clicking the [Import Tags] button, and the selected PLC Tag Table and Program Blocks will be automatically mapped to the system registers in EasyBuilder Pro’s Siemens S7-1200/1500 driver.
One Click Import

Using Tree View to Clearly Visualizes Multi-Dimensional Arrays and Nested Structure
Compared to previous EasyBuilder Pro versions that only support one-dimensional array and single layered structure, new EasyBuilder Pro provides full supports for multi-dimensional array and nested structure, thus is competent in mapping complex PLC address structure. In EasyBuilder Pro, the PLC tags are visualized in a tree view.
Tree View


• The import tag function in EasyBuilder Pro introduced here supports TIA Portal ver.13 and 14. Omniflex will continue to ensure that EasyBuilder Pro serves as a development platform which integrates seamlessly with Siemens S7-1200/1500 tag tables.

• Applicable EasyBuilder Pro version: V5.07.02 and later (Download EasyBuilder Pro)

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