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Whitepaper discloses details of key nuclear projects

Radiological Monitoring System

The nuclear industry is unique. Arguably, no industry is more regulated and there isn’t another sector where mission-critical safety systems matter more.
Remote monitoring specialist Omniflex has launched its nuclear safety whitepaper, discussing how to improve on-site safety by networking radiological monitors and updating alarm systems to SIL-standards. The whitepaper can be downloaded, free of charge from our website.
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Omniflex launches online Customer Help Desk Ticket System

In today's fast changing world of electronics, it’s all too common for the consumer to see new products become obsolete within months of purchase. We know that in industrial plants this can cause havoc. Omniflex products have been supplied to the process control industry worldwide for over 50 years and we continue to support all of these products regardless of their age for as long as they are operational in your plant even including products under the old Conlog brand!

In line with this commitment, Omniflex has launched an online Help Desk Ticketing System which can be accessed at or located under "Technical Helpdesk" under the "Support" menu of the Omniflex website.

This now provides a more convenient method for our customers to obtain support for any of our products no matter when they were purchased!

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Omniflex Makes Letter of Good Standing Available Online

What is a "Letter of Good Standing"

A "Letter of Good Standing" is essentially an official South African document that proves the Workman’s Compensation Fund (COID) will assist in paying for any work-related injuries or harm to employees because payments to the fund are up to date.

Why is a Letter of Good Standing required when applying for most Contracts and Tenders?

A Letter of Good Standing is basically a form of security to most clients as they want to make sure they’re not responsible for picking up the medical bill or life cover for anyone hired to work on their premises, in the case of work-related accidents or illnesses for their contractors.

Click here to download Omniflex' "Letter of Good Standing".

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How to Subscribe to our Blog

Subscribing to our Blog is easy!

Open up the webpage "" and on the right side of the Blog, there are two headings; "Categories" and "Syndicate This Blog" as shown. Subscription Blog Links
Just click on any of icons on the webpage as indicated. This will open up in your browser and the browser will indicate when new articles appear.

You can either subscribe to all our articles by clicking on the icon below "Syndicate This Blog" OR you can subscribe to the various categories located under "Categories".

If a page of data appears instead of an option to subscribe, you may need to add an extension or "add on" to the browser to enable this subscription. Search for "RSS Extension" along with the name of the browser such as "RSS Extension Chrome".

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Omniflex Scoops NDA Award for its Innovative RPN1 Radiological Protection Node

List of NDA Awards

Every year in the UK, the Nuclear Decommissioning Authority holds its Supply Chain Awards. This year, Omniflex won the Innovation Award for its Radiological Protection Node which simplifies the job of gathering data from Radiation Monitors! Continue reading "Omniflex Scoops NDA Award for its Innovative RPN1 Radiological Protection Node"

Omniflex (Pty) Ltd Retains ISO9001 Certification

Omniflex is committed to ISO9001 and has recently been audited to the ISO9001:2008 standard and received zero findings.

We implement the following objectives and achieve them through the application of an ISO 9001:2008 compliant Quality Management System which all employees are expected to support and participate in.

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Omniflex (Pty) Ltd B-BBEE Certification Status

Omniflex is committed to Broad Based Black Empowerment (B-BBEE).
Our approach entails supporting B-BBEE through our supply chain for our raw materials and our distribution chain through vendors using our products and engineered solutions. We actively promote the participation of historically disadvantaged South Africans in the mainstream activities of our business . Continue reading "Omniflex (Pty) Ltd B-BBEE Certification Status"

Omniflex Wins Award for Remote Monitoring Technology

The Technology Top 100 Awards are run annually with Top Companies competing for honours. A rigorous round of Interviews and evaluations are done by a team of adjudicators to select the qualifiers. From the list of Qualifiers a set of finalists are selected and re-evaluated for the Top awards in each category.
It's with great pride that we announce that Omniflex received runner up awards in two of the determining categories for the Prestigious Technology Top 100 Companies in 2009. Continue reading "Omniflex Wins Award for Remote Monitoring Technology"

Legacy Alarm Systems - How Long Will Yours Last?

Alarm annunciators are essential to the healthy functioning and operation of a plant. With many Legacy Alarm systems having been in operation for 30 to 40 years, companies are now finding that serviceability and spares are becoming scarce, presenting major problems and preventing the smooth operation of the plant.

To help with the increasing problem that companies are facing, Omniflex have launched a new web page dedicated to alarm obsolescence and Legacy Alarm replacement.
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Omni16 Ex nL Annunciator Rating Changes to Ex ic

The Ex nL non-sparking standard has been withdrawn and replaced by Ex ic. The Omni16 Intrinsically Safe Annunciator has now been re-certified as category Ex ic, which is more appropriate to this class of electronic instrumentation. This means that the Omni16C Ex ic Annunciator is suitable for use in hazardous areas (Zone 2, gas and dust, Propane to Hydrogen) in accordance with international standards IEC60079-0 and IEC60079-11. Continue reading "Omni16 Ex nL Annunciator Rating Changes to Ex ic"

Improving Compliance and Efficiency in the Mining Industry

Traditional methods of remote monitoring and control using RTU's and SCADA systems are well entrenched in the mining industry. But there is a wave of new technologies available now that have the potential to dramatically change the way we think and act in our endeavours to meet environmental compliance and to optimise the cost of operations. This white paper from Omniflex .... Continue reading "Improving Compliance and Efficiency in the Mining Industry"

Conet Cuts the Cost on Expensive Cabling

The reason Conet is considered the most cost effective data collection network by many in the industry is down to its ability to operate on very low cost cabling (any grade of a 2 core cable) which, in many instances, is already available on site as a free pair in a multi-core cable. Continue reading "Conet Cuts the Cost on Expensive Cabling"