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Getting Alarms to the Right People 24/7

Getting alarms to the right people at the right time can be a difficult exercise. People often need to be made aware of certain alarms that are triggered wherever they are. The Silent Sentry's SMS functionality provides a convenient way to do this!
Overview of typical Omni16 SMS Alarm System

Adding a Teleterm Silent Sentry SMS device to an Alarm Annunciator system, such as the Omni16C, is simple to do and provides an immediate means of getting alarms to all personnel. Functionality such as "escalation" is standard, therefore if a respondent does not acknowledge an alarm, another alarm can be sent automatically to the next person in the respondent list, which is ideal for ensuring alarms are responded to. Logging of Alarms is also standard using the built-in SD card slot, allowing recording of all alarm history for review. Condition Monitoring looks at logging typical plant Statuses and manages them chronologically.


• 24/7 Alarm Monitoring
• Alarm Notification to Mobile Phones
• Acknowledge Alarms Remotely
• Select Alarms for Specific Personnel
• Send Queries via SMS for Alarm Status Information
• Ensures Alarms are Responded to
• Modbus Communications to any Modbus device
• Hardwire Inputs
• Built-in SD Card Slots for Alarm Logging

These benefits make it ideally suited alarm monitoring and control using the SMS functionality of a phone.

Solve all your Alarming needs today!

For more information on our Silent Sentry, click here and for our range of Annunciators, click here!

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