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Omniflex Scoops NDA Award for its Innovative RPN1 Radiological Protection Node

List of NDA Awards

Every year in the UK, the Nuclear Decommissioning Authority holds its Supply Chain Awards. This year, Omniflex won the Innovation Award for its Radiological Protection Node which simplifies the job of gathering data from Radiation Monitors! Continue reading "Omniflex Scoops NDA Award for its Innovative RPN1 Radiological Protection Node"

Omniflex (Pty) Ltd Retains ISO9001 Certification

Omniflex is committed to ISO9001 and has recently been audited to the ISO9001:2008 standard and received zero findings.

We implement the following objectives and achieve them through the application of an ISO 9001:2008 compliant Quality Management System which all employees are expected to support and participate in.

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All-In-One RTU Provides the Ultimate in Remote Monitoring and Control

Whether you are looking to measure, monitor and manage your plant data/alarms or have complete remote control of your processes from across the site, country or globe, the Teleterm D3G programmable RTU provides the ultimate, cost effective platform to achieve your goals.
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Power Failing you?

Can you afford to accept power failures in your application? We would not expect you to. At Omniflex we believe that the continuous operation of your RTUs, PLCs and remote field Instrumentation is crucial to your business. That is why, as designers and manufacturers of electronic products for the process and control industry for over 40 years, we are proud to offer a complete range of uninterruptible power supplies, designed to keep your equipment powered when you need it most. Continue reading "Power Failing you?"

Omniflex (Pty) Ltd B-BBEE Certification Status

Omniflex is committed to Broad Based Black Empowerment (B-BBEE).
Our approach entails supporting B-BBEE through our supply chain for our raw materials and our distribution chain through vendors using our products and engineered solutions. We actively promote the participation of historically disadvantaged South Africans in the mainstream activities of our business . Continue reading "Omniflex (Pty) Ltd B-BBEE Certification Status"

Remote Stop-Start Control RTU

The Teleterm M3R Stop - Start Control system from Omniflex is the complete off-the-shelf wireless stop-start control solution designed for applications such as
• Remote Pump Control
• Reservoir Level Control
• Pump Station Monitoring & Control
• Flow Meter Monitoring
• Dosing Plant Applications
• Irrigation Pump Control
• Water Treatment Systems Continue reading "Remote Stop-Start Control RTU"

Control Corrosion with Omniflex's Cathodic Protection Solution

With Omniflex's years of experience in the field of Remote Monitoring and Control in the harshest of environments, we have applied this technology to provide a cost effective and reliable solution in the field of Cathodic Protection (CP) Systems. Omniflex has successfully installed various CP systems internationally and the web-based Data2Desktop monitoring solution ensures simple operation from anywhere in the world! Continue reading "Control Corrosion with Omniflex's Cathodic Protection Solution"

Reduce Cost and Simplify Remote Monitoring of Critical Alarms

Omniflex’s extensive range of IEC61508 SIL Alarm Annunciators offer total flexibility and considerable cost savings for the re-transmission of individual and grouped alarms over almost any network type.

Total Communication Capability
All Omniflex Alarm Annunciators have the option for potential free or Isolated hardwired inputs and can provide the retransmission of individual and grouped alarms over Ethernet, RS-232/485, Wireless ISA100, Radio 868Mhz, CONET (any 2 cores of an existing cable), Profibus and GSM/GPPRS!

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Wireless I/O For Monitoring and Control

Expanding the possibilities of wireless monitoring and control with the Teleterm M3 Radio Communication RTUs with Integral Radio from Omniflex which are the ideal solution for monitoring and control applications in locations where cable installations would be impractical or expensive.

The Teleterm M3 comes with 12 universal I/O that can be configured for analogue or digital inputs or outputs and is available in a number of radio band options to comply with different country regulations. Continue reading "Wireless I/O For Monitoring and Control "

Micro Alarm Annunciator

The Omni 8 micro (written as µ) is the smallest annunciator available from Omniflex, designed for use in space restricted areas. The Omni 8µ is a fully self-contained panel mounted annunciator with integral Test, Silence, Acknowledge, Reset Pushbuttons and audible device and can be configured as a one, two, four or eight point version!
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